Annual General Meeting & GAP Orientation Day  Nov

The opening ceremony will start off the year with the official commencement of the 26th HKUYL. Succeeding the opening ceremony, the Annual General Meeting will begin with a report of achievements of the previous year and the objectives for the coming year. Advisors, alumni, and member school participants (hereafter known as ‘Campers’) will receive a brief of the aims and objectives for the coming year. Campers will then split into groups and partake in challenging group activities as they embark on the first quarter of their journey – the Global Awareness Project.


Global Awareness Project  Nov - Dec

'When you meet the real problems of life, look for the real lessons of life for the real lessons of life are in the real problems of life’

The Global Awareness Project aims to confront campers with the real problems of life from all over the world, inviting them to navigate the intricacies of the issues and develop comprehensive proposals to address these difficulties. 

Groups of Campers will take on the roles of ambassadors from various countries, analysing and presenting on the roots of the problems, complications, and previous attempts of solving the problems. Workshops and seminars will be held to put Campers through programmes that urge them to make use of their creativity, critical thinking skills and cooperation amongst themselves.

The climax of the project will be the World Congress, a two-day conference that will have all the countries’ ambassadors come together to solve the specified global issues. Presentation sessions, negotiations, and high-tier discussions will take place and mark the conference as an invaluable opportunity for Campers to not only learn about other countries but also to refine their diplomacy and problem-solving skills.

Campers will have to cooperate with people that they have never worked with before, and the first and often most difficult challenge that they will come face-to-face with will be to effectively cooperate and display leadership. Decision-making skills must also be applied as Campers will have to decide on complex proposals that may be beneficial to some but detrimental to others. Ultimately, the project aims to cultivate a sense of global responsibility and refine leadership abilities that Campers will have to recall for the rest of their journey.


Christmas Reunion  Dec 

The Christmas Reunion is an excellent occasion for our current members and alumni to get together. We will be booking a café for the reunion and our current members can make good use of this precious opportunity to listen to and learn from our alumni’s past experiences. The reunion also allows our alumni to understand the Union’s progress at the moment and help the Union improve by giving concrete advice.


Local Service Project  Jan - Feb

After viewing issues on a global perspective, Campers will be take the knowledge and skills acquired from the Global Awareness Project and put them to use in order to make a positive change in the local community. 

The Local service project will split Campers into groups, each partaking in helping to alleviate a specific issue in Hong Kong. Campers will not only be required to understand and formulate plans to solve the issue, but will also be given a chance to actively implement those plans in the society. 

Workshops will be held aiming to expand Campers’ understanding of the local situation and making volunteering efforts through talks, activities, and community engagement. To provide campers with a broader view and more ideas on how to make change in the community, activities will be designed for Campers to experience and gain insight into the lives of people affected by such local issues.

Campers will have to learn to deal with delicate issues in real life and take the initiative to make things better for the society. The project aims at growing Campers’ sense of altruism, ability to formulate practical plans, and the commitment to carry out those plans.


Youth Leadership Seminar  Mar - May

The Youth Leadership Seminar will place Campers into a narrative, where they will have to solve practical issues, but in the context of an imaginary world. Skills such as communication, negotiation, and planning gained from previous projects will be tested through arduous programmes and tasks.

Campers will be split into several groups as they tackle political, environmental, and societal problems. Quick thinking, public speaking, and out-of-the-box thinking skills are also heavily emphasized.

The climax of the Seminar will be an overnight camp, where Campers will have the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone, participate in activities that inspire cooperation and leadership, as well as to showcase and share their own talents.

The Seminar will challenge Campers as to what they truly think leadership means and have them confront their own aspirations and ideals, leading not only to an enhanced sense of self-understanding that is invaluable to motivation and leadership, but also a close bond between Campers, allowing them to find friends and companions that will last them their lifetime.


Camper-cum-Committee Project  May - Aug

Nearing the end of their journey as Camper, Campers must now take the knowledge and skills acquired in previous projects and apply them to the Camper-Cum-Committee Project. Campers will now take up the role as organisers as they design their own project for nonmembers of HKUYL.

The Committee Members will oversee the project, as well as give guidance and assistance where necessary. Campers will work under a model alike that of the Committee Members and gain a taste of the work required to prepare programmes and projects for participants.

There are no restrictions to what form of activity that Campers want to hold as long as they are within reasonable bounds. Therefore, it also acts as a great way for Campers to carry out their aspirations or visions for creating change in the community.


Hugh O’ Brian Youth World Leadership Congress   July

Each year, HKUYL is responsible for sending ten Campers to participate in the World Leadership Congress (WLC) organised by the Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation (HOBY) in Chicago. The Congress is attended by more than 400 ambassadors from around the world and is a priceless opportunity for Campers to gain further appreciation and understanding of different cultures and issues around the globe.

Many illustrious guest speakers will also make appearances at the Congress to give advice and share experiences that serve to inspire qualities of excellence and leadership within ambassadors. Well-thought-out workshops and programmes boost the bonding and communication between ambassadors of different ethnicities or nationalities, who will motivate each other to become better leaders.

Campers invited to attend the Congress will be chosen by the alumni and Committee Members, assessed based on their commitment and performances throughout the year, as well as their suitability. Chosen Campers will also be encouraged to bring the lessons and teachings from the Congress back to improve not only their own leadership talents but also help refine and guide others’.


Annual Dinner Cum Closing Ceremony   Aug

Alumni, Campers and Honorary Advisors will be invited to join the Annual Dinner, which marks the end of Campers’ journey in the Union. This is a precious opportunity for both Campers and Committee Members to reminisce the year-long journey. HOBY WLC Ambassadors will also be sharing their experiences in Chicago with their fellow Campers to show what they have learnt in those two weeks.





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